Need a little extra legroom to zip your boots or even tuck in your jeans? The room you need is just a stretch away with the BOOT BAND. This little addition expands the leg of your boot to create wider-calf boots instantly — without alterations.

The BOOT BAND is functional as well as fashionable. With it, you can wear tall-length boots, even designer boots such as Christian Louboutin, Prada, Dior. You can shop for boots in every major retail store, including Saks, Macy's, Nine West, Target, and Payless Shoe Source.

Instantly, after slipping on a pair of boots, you will feel taller, thinner, and sexier! What other article of clothing or even shoe can do all of these things in one fell swoop? Whether you are a curvy or petite with an athletic build, the BOOT BAND will connect you to a world of possibilities!

NOTE from the Inventor: BOOT season is well underway! It is our mission to get you into the boots that you want to wear! We will offer our personal assistance to work with you in selecting the correct BOOT BAND.

Go ahead and buy the boots you want! If you are unsure about which BOOT BAND to choose, take a picture of the the boot's zipper and email it to us at support@bootband.com, or even upload it to www.facebook.com/bootband. Send a picture of the boot's zipper and its slider, front and back. We are so confident that the BOOT BAND will work for you - just provide us these little details and we will be happy to help!

Can you tell me about the BOOT BAND and how to install it?

The BOOT BAND is an insert that attaches to the zippers of your boots. There are special sliders that will allow you to zip the BOOT BAND on to your boot. You open the sliders, clip them on to the boot, and insert the BOOT BAND and zip. It's that easy. You do not have to alter the boot in any way and the Boot Band can be used on any boot with the same sized zipper.

Another great thing about the BOOT BAND is that you can keep zipping your boot's zipper up over the BOOT BAND until you have reached the optimal fit.

What circumference will the BOOT BAND accommodate up to?

The BOOT BAND will expand the circumference of your boot by 2 ˝ inches, plus the built-in elastic offers about an additional 1 inch of give if you need it.

For instance, Zappos.com and other web sites offer the circumference of the boots they sell. Let’s say that a boot’s circumference is 15 inches, then the BOOT BAND will expand that circumference to about 17 ˝ inches, plus, it offers the additional give with the built-in elastic. So if the BOOT BAND is snug, then it will expand to about 18 and ˝ inches if you need it. I have a size 19 inch calf and with the standard BOOT BAND, I can use it to fit most boots because it is also 8 inches in length.

The full-length BOOT BAND will provide an additional 3 inches of additional circumference to your boot’s shaft and it is 12 inches long. The full-length BOOT BAND also has the built-in elastic and it will give you an additional 1 inch (approximately). So for the same example above, if the boot's circumference is 15 inches, then the full-length BOOT BAND will expand the boot's shaft to be around 18 – 19 inches.

The half-calf BOOT BAND will expand the boot’s shaft and it will add around an average of 3 inches to the boot’s circumference. So for the boot you choose, the BOOT BAND may enable the boot to be snug or you may have extra room – it really depends on how wide the boots are to start with.

If you need a wider BOOT BAND than 3 inches, please let us know and we will work with you to get you in your boots. This is our goal – we will offer our personal assistance to get you into your boots.

Sliders: What is a slider?

A slider is the small metal handle that allows you to open and close your zipper.

It is recommended that you purchase an additional set of sliders for each boot because excessive use of the sliders may weaken the hinges on the slider.

How will I know which BOOT BAND to choose?

Question: Do you currently own a pair of boots that you would like to zip?

If YES follow the below steps:

The zipper and slider on your boot will provide all of the information you need to choose the right BOOT BAND. On your boot, you need to determine if it uses a metal zipper or a coil zipper. Metal zippers look a little like railroad tracks, and coil zippers are coiled and are usually made of plastic.

Then you need to determine size of your zipper. To find the size, zip your boot all the way up and look on the back slider. On the back of most sliders, there is a number like 4.5, 5, 7, 8, 10. If there isn't a number then it will be a Standard Coil or an OPTI Zipper.

You will find OPTI zippers on boots made by Gucci, Prada, Christian Dior, and Clark. The word OPTI is usually spelled out on the tab of the slider or it may even be on the tip top nose of the slider. When you click on "Which BOOT BAND," there is an illustration that shows an example of the word OPTI spelled out on the tab of the slider.

For metal zippers, we offer size 5 right now. If your boot has a size other than size 5, then let us know so we can document it for the design team.

For coil zippers, we offer a BOOT BAND that will fit sizes 5 and 7 zippers. Please note that some standard coil zippers have no size on the back. If your boot appears to have a standard size coil, then the standard BOOT BAND should fit it.

If NO...

If you do not currently own a pair of boots, then purchase the BOOT BAND and you will definitely be able to fit a larger selection of boots. We recommend you purchase a Standard Coil and/or Standard Metal BOOT BAND as a lot of boots currently on the market use these zipper types and sizes. The Standard Coil BOOT BAND is available in Elastic and Pony Hair Zebra Stripes, and the Standard Metal BOOT BAND is available in Elastic with Leather Border.

How do I know which length and width I need?

The BOOT BAND is made using elastic, so it will stretch to give you the extra space you need to zip your boot. Leather BOOT BANDS have a special gusset/piece that stretch on the widest part of your calf. If you can zip your boot up to your calf, then the half-calf Boot Band should fit. If you can only zip your boot above your ankles, then you will need a Full Length BOOT BAND. Taller, over-the-knee boots will typically require a Full Length BOOT BAND.

What types of zippers are compatible with the BOOT BAND

The BOOT BAND works best with boots made with YKK and Coats zippers. The BOOT BAND will work with boots made with other types of zippers such as WXY ans NYPL, but the operation of the zipping may not be as smooth. Just take your time when zipping to ensure that the coils link together properly, however, the BOOT BAND may not work with all boots, even if it has a zipper that looks like a standard coil.

What boots will this work on?

The BOOT BAND will attach to boots that have a full-side zipper. Make sure that you purchase the BOOT BAND with the zipper that most closely matches the zipper on the boot. It depends on the size and type of the zipper.

Can I Use the BOOT BAND to Tuck My Jeans into My Boots?

Absolutely! Adding the BOOT BAND to your boots will give you the extra room you need to tuck your jeans inside your boots.

Return Policy

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the BOOT BAND, simply return the entire set within 30 days of receipt for a refund of the purchase amount, less any shipping & handling charges. After 30 days, we'll be happy to offer a credit for the purchase amount, less the shipping and handling charges.

Return processing may take up to two weeks. Please allow sufficient time for your returned item to be received and processed.

Return Instructions

To return your Boot Band set, please send it to the following address:

Boot Band 229-19 Merrick Blvd Suite 333 Laurelton, NY 11413

Please also let us know the reason that you are returning it so that we can improve in any way we can. We would love to hear your feedback!


To exchange your Boot Band set, please return it as normal and then repurchase the set you need via our website or by calling customer service.


Please allow 3-5 days for order processing. Once processed, your BOOT BAND will be shipped via UPS. When placing your order, UPS will calucate your shipping costs based on your destination and shipping method.

International Shipping

We do ship internationally. You will be responsible for duties, taxes, and any brokerage or services fees charged by UPS to clear your package.

Wholesale Orders

To inquire about placing wholesale orders, please email support@bootband.com or call 877-226-3777.

Public Relations Requests

Please email support@bootband.com or call 877-226-3777 for PR related requests and inquiries.