Missing My Mom

The one year anniversary of my mom's passing just happened but it still feels like it was yesterday. There are so many things that I would like to do if I could only turn back the hands of time. But since I can't I have to look ahead and figure out how to live without her. Her passing has definitely made death more real to me. I really didn't think that she would die, especially not now. So what can I do to honor my mother? She supported me in my endeavors to be an entrepreneur. She always gave me advice about who to call to get more exposure for the BootBand and she was always there with an encouraging word. I have to remember how much my mom supported me and my business. She actually set the stage for me to be an entrepreneur. When I was a little girl, to make ends meet and to make the weekly payments on our refrigerator, we made crosses out of beads and lace. My mom, my brother and myself would then go door-to-door selling them until we had sold them all. We went straight to the Rent-a-Center and paid the weekly bill and this is how my mom paid for our refrigerator. Who wouldn't miss a woman like this who was so resourceful and creative? With tears in my eyes, I will keep striving to be the best entrepreneur that I can because anything less would be a dishonor to my mom.


  • Michelle in Virginia

    There is a bond between mother and child that even death can not break. While the physical will cease to exist, the love endures forever. Your Mom may be physically absent, but her love for you, her pride in your amazing accomplishments, her joy in seeing you love your own children….that is as real as it can be. So take that joy and own it. Every day! Hugs from a Mom who loves her kid, and misses her own Mom. Michelle

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