Rock the Band

Rock the Band

Rock the Band is an initiative that we feel so passionately about. Girls who can't zip the zippers on their marching band or dance team boots have to walk onto the field wearing sneakers while all of the other girls wear their team boots. But this girl is able to rock her boots because of the BootBand. We are so proud and happy that we could make this happen. Check her out - she is wearing her white boots with a white BootBand! 

rockin her bands

Isn't she amazing! Because parents have reached out to us, we started the Rock the Band initiative where we give the families free BootBands so nothing will stop them from helping their daughters feel good on the field. 

Sponsor a Team

BootBand is also looking to sponsor a high school team's boot purchase who has demonstrated a need and who have girls who struggle with acceptance and wearing the clothes and boots they want. We want to empower the girls and the team and create a spirit of support and love so all of the girls can step out together - united and connected.

To submit your team to us for a potential sponsorship, please email us at 


  • Mary Spayd Armstrong

    Absolutely Fantastic!!!! Love this story — serves as proof of turning ’can’t into cans and dreams into plans"!!!

  • Zadry Ferrer-Geddes

    She looks amazing! Loved this story so much.

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