Elastic ALT Coil Bands

$ 58.95

Elastic Boot Bands have been crafted with high quality elastic and trimmed with a vegan leather border for a sturdy accessory that enables you to complete your look seamlessly. These Boot Bands have also been lined with a soft stretchy knit that will feel so good against your leg while absorbing moisture as you wear your boots. Elastic Boot Bands are available in 2 zipper types, 6 sizes, and 2 colors so that you can get as close to a custom fit as possible.

Is ALT Coil the best fit for your boots?

If your boots have a coil zipper, but you do not see the letters YKK, WXY, or Opti, then the ALT Coil will probably work. Sometimes the slider may have a number that says 5, 5C or 7, you should still purchase ALT Coil especially if you do not see any letters. For zippers with no writing or markings on the zipper pull or on the back of the slider body, then purchase ALT Coil. For zippers with markings of YKK or WXY, please choose YKK.

- Each set includes two BANDS and four sliders
- Zipper types are YKK Coil and ALT Coil 
- Colors are Black and Brown

You can download this measuring tape for your convenience. 


Need help deciding? Please don't hesitate to DM us on social media or email us at support@bootband.com.