Alt Coil - Leather

$ 65.00

A lot of boots are made with coil zippers in size 5. Some are YKK and some are not. If your boot's zipper is a coil size 5, but if it doesn't have the YKK or WXY markings, then these Boot Bands may work for your standard coil Boot Band. If you have purchased the YKK size 5 coil BootBands, and they are zipping, but if it is not as smooth, then these Boot Bands made with this alternate coil may be more compatible with your boots. Also, use these alternate coil zippers for size 7 as well. 

  • These Boot Bands are made with leather.
  • Works with zippers that have no markings and size 7c coil zippers.
  • All Boot Band sets include 2 Bands and 4 sliders. 

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