YKK Coil - Leather

$ 75.00

Boots made with YKK  and WXY coil size 5 zippers should choose these BootBands. BootBands made with YKK coil size 5 zippers should fit most boots with a size 5 coil, even those made with zippers that are not YKK. However, for boots made with a size 5 coil zipper that are NOT YKK or WXY, and if you have tried the YKK coil and it isn't zipping nicely, then we have a Alternate Coil size 5. BootBands made with these Alternate size 5 coil zippers have been successful in helping women wear boots that are not made with YKK or WXY. We are working hard to make sure we can help you get into your boots!

Works with:

  • YKK 5C
  • YKK 5CN
  • YKK 5CNt
  • WXY 5C

These BootBands are made with leather.

All BootBand sets include 2 Bands and 4 sliders.