Hi Everyone, thank you for checking out Boot Band. I hope and pray that you are doing well during these crazy times. COVID has impacted almost every aspect of our lives. Since you are buying boots, I hope that means that you are getting back to normal and getting out!

Regina and I are here to support you in completing your look with amazing boots. Fashion shouldn't have any size limits, but unfortunately, the way that they make boots leave a lot of us out of luck. I feel blessed that Boot Band can help you rock the boots you want to wear!!!

With Boot Band Love,



What a fantastic product!! 1 year locked away in Iso resulted in a little weight gain 🙊 and I couldn’t zip up my $300 boots. I couldn’t bare to part with them. The product was quick to arrive and took 5 minutes to attach to boots. The inserts look smart and discrete. Thank you Bootband!
Looks great! Worth every penny! Great product! Worked exactly as expected. Now I can wear pretty boots that normally I would have no chance of fitting into.
So happy!! I'm so happy I found this company to widen my boots. They are a perfect match with the color as well!!