How it Works

The BOOT BAND is an attachment that provides the extra width you need to fit your boots! 

On each side of the BOOT BAND, there are zippers and in your set, you will also receive 4 sliders. To attach the BOOT BAND, you clip one of the sliders on to each side of your boot's zippers. Then you slip on your boot, zip it - leaving enough space for your Bands. One side at a time, insert each zipper into a slider (similar to zipping a jacket) and then zip. Clip it - then zip it!  

The picture shows a BOOT 
BAND in one view, and in another view, the BOOT BAND has been attached to the boot.

How it Works


- Most boots will use the "Standard Coil" and the "Standard Metal" BOOT BAND. You purchase the boots you want first and then buy the Boot Band with the matching zipper, or you can purchase your BOOT BAND and then find the boots that it will expand.

The zipper and slider on your boot will provide all of the information you need to choose the right BOOT BAND. On your boot, you need to determine if it uses a metal zipper or a coil zipper. Metal zippers look a little like railroad tracks, and coil zippers are coiled and are usually made of plastic.

Then you need to determine size of your zipper. To find the size, zip your boot all the way up and look on the back slider. On the back of most sliders, there is a number like 4.5, 5, 7, 8, 10. If there isn't a number then it will be a Standard Coil or an OPTI Zipper.

Please Note: The size of the Boot Band you will need will be based on the width of your boot. For example, you may purchase a pair of boots that has a circumference of 16 inches and if you calf measures 18 inches, the Half Calf Boot Band will definitely work for this boot. But if you purchased another boot that has a circumference of 14 inches, then you would need a Full Length Boot Band.