Your Boot's Zipper Type & Size

  • The slider and zipper on your boot will provide the information you need to choose the right Boot Band. 

Do Your Boots Have a Metal or Coil Zipper?

  • On your boot, you need to determine if it uses a metal zipper or a coil zipper.
  • Metal zippers look like railroad tracks, and coil zippers are spirialed and are usually made of plastic.


      Your Boot's Slider: Zipper Size

      1. To determine the size of your boot's zipper, zip your boot all the way up.
      2. Look on the back of the slider, which is on the other side of the little handle that you used to zip your boot.
      3. The back of the slider may be blank or there will be a number or letter such as 45c, 5, 7, 8, 10, or N stamped on the flat side.
      4. If a number is there, this will be your zipper size. If it is blank or if letters are stamped on the flat side, please note that as well. 


        YKK, ALT, or OPTI: Which Coil Zipper Do You Choose?

        YKK Coil: 

        • If your boot's zipper has the YKK, SZZ, or WXY markings on the zipper pull, please choose the YKK Coil Boot Band.
        • YKK zippers also have one of these numbers and letter combinations stamped on the flat side of the back of the slider:
          • 5C
          • 5CN
          • 5cnt
          • 5ct

        ALT Coil:

        • If your boots have a coil zipper, but you do not see the letters YKK, SZZ, WXY, or Opti, then choose the ALT Coil Boot Band.
        • For sliders with numbers or letters such as 5, 5C, 7, or N, choose the ALT Coil Boot Band.

        Blank - Nothing stamped on the back of the slider

        • For sliders with no writing or markings stamped on the zipper pull or on the back of the slider body, choose the ALT Coil Boot Band.

        OPTI Coil: 

        • ONLY choose OPTI coil if your boot's zipper handle says OPTI. 
        • OPTI coil boots are usually installed on brands like Gucci, Prada, Clarks, Louboutin, and Miu Miu.   

        Please chat with us if you ever have any questions or if you would like to send us a picture of your boot's zipper and slider.