I was born and raised in Belvedere, South Carolina, but I always wanted to move to New York City. It felt like I had an innate pull or calling to move to the "Big Apple." So one day, I decided to seize the day and go for it, while I had the luxury of not having a house, a husband, or kids. I packed my bags and my dog, Penny and I headed to New York City in 2000, one year before the 9/11 attacks. I took a leap of faith and ventured into an unknown City without a job or a place to stay. Each night, I faxed hundreds of resumes to fax numbers that I had entered into an Excel spreadsheet at the local library. Within two weeks of arriving, I received two jobs offers and one of the companies offered a relocation package which included a 30-day hotel stay so I could find my own apartment.

After working at this amazing Wall Street District company for 7 years, I decided to make another leap of faith after my first daughter was born - to quit my job and become a stay-at-home mom. Relying only on my husband's income, I knew that we would be OK in spite of the extremely high cost of living in NYC. On top of all of this, a new family, one income, I had the audacity to want to start a business. Well, as you probably figured out by now, when my mind is set on something, nothing will change my mind or even stop me.

In 2006, I started my first business Consign & Shop, LLC, where I hosted pop-up consignment sales for gently used baby and children's items. After two less than impressive sales, and after accumulating $10,000 in credit card debt, my creative juices were still flowing. Right around the time that I was in the midst of finishing and closing my last consignment sale, July 2007, I had this life-altering moment where I was blessed with an idea so big, that it made me shake all over my body. That idea was the Boot Band. Immediately I got to work, securing the website, submitting the provisional patent, doing research, and making prototypes in my kitchen. After countless all-nighters, and after 3 long years, I was finally able to launch the Boot Band in September 2010. During these 3 years, I faced so many obstacles and roadblocks to getting the Boot Band to work, but I knew that it could, I just knew it and believed it. I kept the faith and I kept making the right calls and moving forward. During this time, I had another daughter in 2009, so my plate was full, but I knew that I had the strength, courage, and tenacity to see this through. 

Here we are today! Because I didn't give up, because I couldn't give up, I am able to offer you a solution to a very common problem. Now, armed with your wardrobe, completed by your kick-ass boots, I want you to go out with your own fearlessness and boldness and perseverance and never give up on what you are creating in your life. It will happen - the Boot Band is proof that if you don't give up, you can make your ideas and dreams a reality. Wear your boots with all of the boldness and belief that the Boot Band was created with and make IT happen for YOU. 

I have so much that I would like to share with you about my journey to get here and my journey ahead, so please connect with me and share your comments, stories, and ideas. 


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