To determine which Boot Band size you need, you will need to measure your boot gap.

  • Grab a soft measuring tape. 
  • You can print and tape together this measuring tape if you don't have one.


Which Boot Band Size? Measure Your Boot Gap

To find your ideal boot band size, you'll need to measure the gap left when you zip up your boots. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Put on the boot and zip it up as far as it will go. Note where the zipper stops.
  2. Using a soft measuring tape, measure across the widest part of the gap horizontally from zipper edge to zipper edge. This is your boot gap width.
  3. Now measure vertically from the point where the zipper stops to the very top of the boot. This is your boot gap length.
  4. Write down both measurements - length x width. For example: 8 inches x 3 inches.
  5. Match your measurements to the Boot Band sizes that we have available to find your ideal Xpander.