Have you all heard about Joni Edelman, the mom who states that she is fat and happy? Wasn't she just the bravest and most courageous woman and mom to share her story? I think so. When you have struggles, it is so easy to withdraw from society and hide your pain, but Joni did the opposite. She gave a voice to her struggles and she has truly helped me already. 

Yes, feeling good at any size is freeing, but arriving at that conclusion isn’t as simple as 1, 2, 3. As a successful entrepreneur, mom, wife, PTA president, I know what kind of stress and struggle can lead to weight gain. I’m currently a size 22 and I’ve made a decision to give myself permission resign from the slump and join the sexy. But this decision didn’t come so easily.

Stop putting happiness on hold!

Joni’s point of view is well taken – you can wear a bikini at any size, but how can you do that if you do not like what you see in the mirror? Studies have shown that even if a women loses weight, in her mind, she continues to think of herself as a fat person. This is referred to as body image. According to definition, body image is the mental image of one's own body. So if this mental picture that we’ve held for so long doesn’t change even though our bodies change, no matter how skinny you become, you will always see yourself as that fat person that you’ve been for so long. (This is why I choose not to lose weight…ha, ha). The solution is to love what you’ve got now, so that when you do lose weight, your body image will already be positive.

The key to start chipping away at that long-standing mental image is to replace it with a new image of yourself. When you are in a slump, you don’t feel like putting in the effort to “look cute.” Big mistake. There are three areas that we need to focus on: how your clothes fit, what can you wear, and how can you step out confidently.

  1. How Your Clothes Fit

Find your fit. Every year, women should go and get measured for a good fitting bra. This is so important to the way you stand, your posture, the way your clothes fit, and your overall perspective about yourself. This is what many women need for proper support so that the weight of your “girls” won’t all be on your shoulders, which can cause painful nerve damage.

  1. What can you wear - sexy boots!

Life changer alert!!!! Don’t throw your boots away just because you’ve gained weight and they will not zip anymore; you can still wear them. Get them out of the closet, dust them off, and add the boot band. This is the best thing since sliced bread – let me tell you! The Boot Band is a removable boot expander, so once you lose the weight, you can remove them. You measure, find the right zipper, then you can step out in style. I am now wearing boots and nothing compares to slipping on a pair of sexy, tall boots – it’s an instant confidence booster.

I’m not at the weight that I want to be at, but the whole point is, while I am this weight, I’m going to find my fit and love it. When you feel good in your clothes, when you wear sexy boots and you like the way that YOU look in the mirror, and when you prove to yourself that you can still step out confidently, then, living for the now and loving ourselves will come a little more naturally!

Your Bootologist,

Krista Barnett

Written by Krista Barnett

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