I just received a message from one of my customers. She said I hate the word "plus." I'm not plus size Melissa; I'm just Melissa. I get it. I wouldn't say I like that word plus, but for me, it is what it is. I hate that the world has to put us in a category and has separated us from everything. Clothes, fashion, what we are called, sometimes where we have to sit, like on an amusement ride. Have you ever been to a theme park and worried about even fitting on the rides? I dread this every summer. I Google ferociously to find out which theme parks accommodate plus-sized riders (all Disney parks by the way, if you were curious). But some of the theme parks designate a few seats that are larger and have longer seat belts. Sitting in these seats sometimes mean getting separated from my kids. When shopping, I hate having to go all the way upstairs to find my way the maternity section to find clothes that are plus-sized. 

What can we do about this? Well for me, I'm embracing the plus-size life. They have separated us, but let's turn this into a positive. We are stronger together fighting the same fight for equality and fashion for all. My plan is to close the gap in fashion and help us wear what everyone else is wearing. When I go into stores and I see those damn cute ass clothes that I wish would go up to a 3X, but don't, I have my fingers crossed as I go up the escalator to the plus-sized section...up there, way up there. When I finally get - there - none of those cute ass clothes that were downstairs are here. Sigh...

But, I have a dream, that one day, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, and yes, Christian Louboutin will wake up and smell the coffee and make all of their clothes go up to...dare I say it...plus sizes, not just a few select pieces, but their whole collection.  

Until then, we must stick together and make sure that we support each other, unlike those waist trainers that roll down as soon as you sit down. What in the world? One day very soon, my vision is to bring you all of the essential items that you want and need to feel good, sexy, and beautiful as not plus-size Melissa, but just Melissa!

How do you feel about the word plus-sized woman? Do you like it or hate it?
Written by Krista Barnett

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