To go shopping with the Boot Band, you can download this sizing guide and measuring tape for your convenience. 

To find the right Boot Band for your boots, use the following as a guide:
Which Size?
To determine which Boot Band size you need, you will need to take a measurement.

1. Put your boot on and zip it as far as you can.

2. Measure across the gap for the width - from open zipper to open zipper - at the widest point.

3. Measure the length of the gap - from where the boot's zipper stops to the top of the boot.

Once you know these numbers, you will be able to find the Boot Band that is closest to your measurements.


The slider and zipper on your boot will provide the information you need to choose the right BOOT BAND.

To find the size of your zipper, hold your boot in your hands and zip it up completely using the slider.

Look on the back of the slider body, which will be on the inside of the boot for a number. 

This number will correspond to the zipper size that you need. 


Zippers are usually coil or metal and the sizes available are:


YKK Standard Coil - Purchase for sizes 5C, 5CN, 5cnt, 5ct, WXY

Alternate Coil - If your boots have a coil zipper, but you do not see any markings like YKK, Opti, then the Alternate Coil will probably work. Sometimes the slider may have a number that says 5, 5C or 7, you should still purchase the Alternate coil. For zippers with no writing or markings on the zipper pull or on the back of the slider body, then purchase the Alternate Coil.

Opti - You should see the letters "OPTI" on the zipper pull. If your zippers have a Opti coil zipper, then the OPTI coil zipper that we carry will usually work. We are working to offer the larger OPTI coil. There is also an Opti metal zipper, and the metal zippers that we carry should work for these zippers. 


Please chat with us if you ever have any questions or if you would like to send us a picture of your boot's zipper and slider.