Companies, groups, and organizations usually hire me to speak about the following topics:

  • Moving past fears and moving closer to the forefront of being seen and heard.
  • Feel the fear and doing it anyways - what does that really mean? I'll show you!
  • Practice makes progress - how celebrating yourself and remembering the journey creates momentum. 
  • Customer service - how offering the type of customer service you wish to receive is the key to any successful business.
  • When pitching your product or idea, you are also pitching yourself.
  • Starting up a new venture - the right way.
  • Patent and trademark protection
  • Bootstrapping your PR and buzz. 


I love sharing my story about how I started the BootBand and what I have overcome during this journey. My journey is far from over, but I love sharing my trials and tribulations in hopes that others can learn from them and get inspired by my process and know that through Christ, all things are possible. 

Please contact me via to inquire about my availability.